Thermal generation

Services and Solutions

Turnkey design and construction solutions. Upgrade and refitting
Comprehensive design solutions for thermal power stations of any capacity, on any fuel, of any configuration
  • Preparing technical and economic feasibility studies for construction and refitting projects
  • Engineering surveys
  • Developing project documents and obtaining approvals from oversight authorities and expert bodies
  • Developing detailed design documents
  • Construction supervision on site
Turn-key construction of thermal power plants of any capacity, on any fuel
  • Design and surveying works
  • Sourcing of equipment and materials
  • Construction and installation works
  • Testing and commissioning works
  • Launch and warranty maintenance
Developing design solutions for modernisation or refitting of thermal power plants
  • Migration to other fuel types
  • Upgrading of the core equipment
  • Upgrading of the plant management system
  • Upgrading of the water treatment facilities
  • Upgrading of the anti-pollution installations
  • Environmental impact assessment
Research and Development

Development of scientific, R&D, and economic forecasts for the energy sector jointly with academic, R&D, design and engineering, and technological organisations

Thermal generation
Group companies specialising in services and solutions
TEK Mosenergo JSC
Turnkey implementation of construction projects: thermal generation plants, power grid infrastructure, seaport infrastructure
Institut Teploelektroproyekt JSC
Development of projects for the construction of thermal generation plants from scratch, on any fuel, of any configuration, modernisation and refitting of the existing plants. Development of construction projects for thermal and power generation facilities within large industrial sites Development of construction projects for power grid and industrial infrastructure.