Technologies we use

Comprehensive approach

In its projects, TEK Mosenergo uses environmentally-safe, commercially efficient solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies. In project management, we use a comprehensive planning and control system.
Up-to-date project management methods
Oracle Primavera-based planning and control system
This system enables us to efficiently manage projects, controlling their deadlines, resource allocation, and budgets. To do that, continuously updated activity progress charts are set up for each project.
Multi-tiered planning model
Deploying a four-tier planning model ensures efficient project management: from the high-level progress chart at the feasibility study stage to monthly and daily charts during implementation.
Resource planning
With resource planning started early on in each project, we are able to determine the required resources and give a precise estimate of the budget. The system contains libraries of labour resources, materials, machinery and equipment requirements for various types of works and projects.
Risk management
Continuously updating activity progress charts for the projects enables efficient and timely control over the project and prevention of potential risks.
Design technologies
The Group successfully utilises cutting-edge design technologies and methods, supported by modern software and IT systems.
Information modelling
In all projects, we use comprehensive 3D information modelling. The information model of the designed facility is used as the environment to develop all project solutions and is used to create the building information model (BIM).