Power grid infrastructure

Services and Solutions

Turnkey design and construction solutions. Maintenance and servicing
Turnkey construction and modernisation of power grid facilities

Turnkey construction and modernisation of substation up to 750 kV, overhead and underground power transmission lines up to 750 kV and 500 kV, respectively, including:

  • Preparation of feasibility study
  • Design and surveying
  • Sourcing of equipment and materials
  • Construction and installation works
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Launch and warranty servicing
Installation and repair of electrotechnical equipment
  • Electrical installation works at thermal, hydro, and nuclear power generation facilities
  • Installation of electrical and instrumentation devices
  • Installation of gas-insulated switchgear for 110/220/330 kV
  • Adjustment of relay-protection devices and automatics, telemetry and telecommand
  • Installation and repair of electrical installations
  • Maintenance and servicing of consumer electrical installations
Development of design solutions for power grid facilities
  • Development of substation design
  • Development of overhead cable line design
  • Development of underground cable line design
Power grid infrastructure
Group companies specialising in services and solutions
TEK Mosenergo JSC
Turnkey implementation of construction projects: thermal generation plants, power grid infrastructure, seaport infrastructure
Institut Teploelektroproyekt JSC
Development of projects for the construction of thermal generation plants from scratch, on any fuel, of any configuration, modernisation and refitting of the existing plants. Development of construction projects for thermal and power generation facilities within large industrial sites Development of construction projects for power grid and industrial infrastructure.
EnergoSK LLC
Development and implementation of construction and modernisaton projects for power grid facilities, including substations up to 500 kV, overhead and underground power lines up to 220 kV, electrical installation works at thermal generation facilities and industrial sites.