Trest Gydromontazh JSC is acquired by TEK Mosenergo Group.
All-union Trest Gydromontazh is reorganised into Trest Gydromontazh PLC (its legal successor) and further - into Trest Gydromontazh JSC.
Trest Gydromontazh is established to support large-scale implementation of hydrotechnical projects with the use of hydromechanical equipment. Trest Gydromontazh laid the foundation of the country’s hydro generation and navigation potential.
Gyproniistalmost Institute established as a section to fit out installations of the Moskva-Volga Canal (now, the Moscow Canal) and of the Ivankovo, Uglitch, and Rybinsk hydrosystems. Gyproniistalmost Institute was later transformed into Mosgydrostal
Leningrad Design Bureau of Hydromechanical Installations is established, commissioned with the design, manufacturing, and assembly of mechanical equipment for the Moskva-Volga Canal and other projects. The bureau was later transformed into Lengydrostal.