Company profile

TEK Mosenergo JSC

TEK Mosenergo JSC is one of the leaders in the Russian market of engineering services. It has all the required resources and competencies to construct and upgrade generation and power distribution facilities of any complexity.
Acting as a general contractor, the company offers turn-key solutions for energy projects, from feasibility study to commissioning.
As a separate line of business, the company delivers projects for the construction of power grid infrastructure, having all the necessary resources to deliver the full range of comprehensive construction, installation, electric fitting, testing and commissioning works.
Currently, the company develops a new business area - construction of seaport infrastructure and industrial facilities.

Mosenergospetsremont (MESR), a branch of TEK Mosenergo JSC

MESR specialises in the installation of equipment and pipelines, using the cutting-edge technology and modern equipment, carries out heat insulation and anti-corrosion treatment works. MSER contributes to all major heat generation, industrial construction, and seaport infrastructure projects delivered by TEK Mosenergo.

Mosenergokapstroy (MEKS), a branch of TEK Mosenergo JSC

MEKS specialises in general construction works at power generation, industrial, and seaport facilities, including concrete works, structural steel and reinforced concrete erection, installation of fencing, fitting out works, beautification and landscaping, road construction, and outdoor network construction.

Branches of AO TEK Mosenergo

Branches of TEK Mosenergo JSC represent the company on construction sites and ensure implementation of the current projects