About us

Creating safe future with confidence

TEK Mosenergo is an engineering group of companies. By implementing large-scale projects for our customers, we facilitate the development of the power, industrial, and infrastructure sectors, working towards a reliable and high-potential future.

We specialise in the design and construction of heat and hydro generation facilities and power grid infrastructure, implementation of large-scale industrial construction projects, seaport and transport infrastructure projects.

Key Facts
Our portfolio
  • 15.5% - thermal generation
  • 20.3% - power grid infrastructure
  • 43.4% - seaport infrastructure
  • 13.9% - transport
  • 4.6% - design services
  • 2.3% - other works and services
Group Structure
Comprehensive engineering solutions

TEK Mosenergo Group is structured to independently implement projects of any complexity and scale. Group companies and their branch networks can support any project along its entire lifecycle, delivering turnkey solutions that include project design, sourcing of equipment and materials, construction and installation works, commissioning and launch.

Our history

Today, TEK Mosenergo is a group of modern engineering companies, leading across all sectors of power construction. The Group prioritises continuous growth and development and expansion into the new markets for seaport, infrastructure, and industrial construction.
Mosenergokapstroy established, a branch of TEK Mosenergo JCS.
Acquisition of EnergoSK LLC.
TEK Mosenergo Group established, including TEK Mosenergo JSC with its branches, Trest Gydromontazh JSC, Institut Teploelektroproyekt JSC, TEK Mosenergo Trading LLC.
TEK Mosenergo Trading LLC established.
TEK Mosenergo JSC established based on Mosenergo PJSC’s capital construction arm.
EnergoSK LLC established.
Mosenergospetsremont established based on Mosenergo’s power plant, power grid, and housing maintenance and repair division.
Trest Gydromontazh established to support hydromechanical works during the construction of the Moskva-Volga canal.
Institut Teplopoproyekt established as a bureau for the design of first peat- and brown coal-fired district power plants as part of Elektrostroy’s power facilities department.