Complex engineering solutions in energy, infrastructure and industrial construction
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About us
Creating safe future with confidence
TEK Mosenergo, an engineering group of companies
We deliver full-cycle turn-key solutions
The Group has a multi-purpose structure, complete with a design bureau and construction and installation teams
Leading construction providers for the power sector
We maintain leadership in all segments of construction for the power sector
We use a comprehensive approach
The solutions we use in our projects are based on the cutting-edge technology, environmental safety, and business viability
Construction projects of any complexity
We have a solid track record of implementing construction projects, from basic to very difficult, including in harsh climates.
We deliver efficiency
We have a professional team and clockwork-efficient intra-group processes
We deliver quality
We make quality our priority in each project. Our long-term partnerships with Russian and foreign equipment manufacturers help us deliver quality.
We are up to the newest environment standards
At TEK Mosenergo Group, we have a comprehensive environmental management system in place
Key Facts
Group of companies
The Group comprises five companies
More than 15 branches and affiliates across the country
We have more than 500 completed projects in our portfolio
Our team
Our team is over 6,000 people strong
Equipment and machinery
We operate over 500 units of specialised machines and equipment
About us
Creating safe future with confidence

TEK Mosenergo is an engineering group of companies. By implementing large-scale projects for our customers, we facilitate the development of Russian power, industrial, and infrastructure sectors, working towards a reliable and high-potential future.

We specialise in the design and construction of thermal and hydro generation facilities and power grid infrastructure, implementation of large-scale industrial construction projects, seaport and transport infrastructure projects.

Group Companies
Comprehensive engineering solutions

TEK Mosenergo Group is structured to independently implement projects of any complexity and scale. Group companies and their branch networks can support any project along its entire lifecycle, delivering turnkey solutions that span project design, sourcing of equipment and materials, construction and installation works, and commissioning and launch.

Mission and strategy
We facilitate development of the modern society

Putting together the potential of a strong team, long-term experience, and a wide range of professional competencies, we contribute to the development of Russia’s power and industrial sectors and infrastructure.

Our strategy empowers us to continuously develop and evolve.

We are focused on reaffirming our leadership across all lines of business, implementing the cutting-edge technology and project management solutions, increasing efficiency of business processes and expanding our geography.

Years of design and construction experience
Over the entire history of the Groups companies, more than 500 projects have been successfully implemented both in Russia and abroad.
More about our Projects
Among our most significant projects over the past decade:
Environmental management system
Meeting the newest environmental standards

The modern world demands the implementation of cutting-edge technology solutions while sparing the environment, that is why the Group implemented a system of environmental management.

We are strong believers that sustainable business practices are essential for long-term success in business. We believe that each new project we implement is improving the lives of people.

A team of professionals

The success and leadership of TEK Mosenergo depend on its team of talented professionals.

Our team is more than 6,000 people strong. We are positive that our projects change people’s lives for the better.